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Exide Xpress 100AH Battery FXP0-XP1000


Item Model Number – FXP0-XP1000

Capacity – 100 AH

Warranty – 36 Months (18 Months Free + 18 Months Prorata)

Battery layout – Left


Exide Xpress 180AH Battery FXP0-XP1800

Withstands bumps and vibrations: Special polypropylene container with strengthening ribs makes the battery strong enough to withstand bumps and vibrations.Made for Indian environment: Special Hybrid Alloy System ensures that the battery can withstand high temperatures.
Quick recharge – Unique tree radial grid design, lower internal resistance and a special paste chemistry increases recharging potential during use.Magic eye: to check state of the charge & electrolyte level of the battery.
Leak-resistant design: Side vented lid with electrolyte flow back system reduces chance of electrolyte leakage during handling.
Enhanced safety: Micro-porous filter disc in vent openings help arrest acid fumes and restrict spark propagation inside the battery.
Improved cycle life: Double-clad separation in the form of a unique rib-free separator profile, reinforced with texturised glass mat, provides surface support to the active material, thereby improving cycle life and resistance to bumps and vibrations.
Maintenance-free: Special alloy ensures low water loss during high temperature operations, requires topping up only once in 6 months.
Ready to use – comes factory-charged in ready to use condition.


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